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Two posts in one day?! Yes, this is possible when it's summer, too hot to go outside and you are too bored to watch tv..
So, this week's theme as I told you before is the 50s decade. As usually I'm going to propose a film inspired by this theme, and I've chosen "A Streetcar Named Desire".
It's a film directed by Elia Kazan, starring Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando and Kim Hunter and it's based on the play written by Tennessee Williams. It has won 4 Academy Awards and it's generally a very famous film, because it made Marlon Brando a sex symbol.

The story is about a woman, Blanche, who needs the support of her sister, Stella. So, she decides to visit her in New Orleans where she lives with her husband, Stanley Kowalski. He is a very brute and violent man who doesn't hesitate to harm anyone who objects him. When Mitch, a Stanley's friend, meets Blanche he falls in love with her but when he finds out what kind of woman she really is he fends off her. In the end, Stella goes to the hospital to give birth and leaves Blanche and Stanley in the house. What will happen next you can see it in the film..
 Generally, I really like that film because you can she the different point of view towards life and love.
Have you seen this film? Did you like it??
See you tomorrow, darlings!!



  1. I have never seen it !! Ill keep an eye out for it now ! :) xo

  2. This movie has been on my list! I need to order it on netflix!! thanks for the great review dear! xo

  3. xoxo

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  4. Thank you so much for your comment!!! I love your blog & I'm following you!!! Hope you'll follow my blog!!!
    Stop by & visit my blog again soon!!! :-)

  5. I absolutely LOVE Marlon Brando! What a great, classic movie.

    Love your blog! :)



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