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All you need is love...and chocolate

 Hello there! The Valentine’s day weekend is finally here, and it feels like everything is covered up in pink cotton candy! From chocolates and flowers to wine, bath bombs and even makeup, the world seems to be wrapped up in pink cellophane. And with everything that’s been going on, I think that Valentine’s day is a chance to celebrate the people that you love, bake a cake, eat chocolate, and just relax! For me, this year is a bit different, as I’ll be spending it at my place, with a bottle of rose (of course) and lots of M&S chocolates. I went for the M&S Love Whips, that are made using delicious milk chocolate and filled with strawberry mallow and topped with a pink heart, the classic heart lollies and I have a new favourite- the new “share the love” bar that features one half dark chocolate and the other half blonde, both filled with milk chocolate ganache and topped with a salted caramel ruby chocolate heart. With easy tear packaging, it’s ideal for sharing or munching to y

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