And I'm back..

Hello my wonderful readers!! How are you? Sorry for the absence but I have started studying for the September exams AND I went out a few times with a guy I like and I can't still find out what he feels about me but ok, I stopped trying to understand and to guess what's going on with him and just go with the flow. I mean, I will let things evoluate without any worries about the future or anything like that. I don't really know if it's right or wrong but I feel I need to take a brake from the whole situation and let him decide what he wants..
So, since my situation was, as you can see, a little complicated I couldn't find the courage or the right mood to post.. Sorry, darlings!! :)
Listen to the most amazing song ever and I'll see you again next week with a new theme!! It's a promise!


  1. Oh my! Don't worry honey, it's mostly girls around here, so we all understand! Keep us posted on the romance ;)
    Good luck with your exams xox

  2. Great song! Looking forward to your future posts! =)

  3. Έτσι μπράβο, να είσαι χαλαρή κι άμα είναι να ρθει θα ρθει... αν θες πες μου ζώδιο στο μέιλ μου να σου κάνω ανάλυση :D

  4. Of course you don't bore us, after all it's your blog! You can write whatever you wish on it! Just enjoy it, you know?

  5. if its meant to be , it will happen !! trust me :) xo

  6. I just love the fact you are writing something that personal(hope he reads it too and realise that he shouldnt be causing that much trouble to you and us hahaha)
    dont forget to post soon

  7. LOL. Guys are a bit tricky to understand. believe me. I am MUCH older than you, and still don't get the hang of it. You are right, though. Just go with the flow.

    Love your blog, and your thoughts. Do visit mine and follow if you like it. And I'd love to follow you back.

  8. Love the song! sets the tone great!!! Cute blog I especially like your font and layout! CUTE blog thank goodness your back because I will be keeping up with what's coming up!


  9. My God, Nina Simone is great!
    I really like the way she sung "Here comes the Sun"
    Hope we'll read each other :)
    Karla :*


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