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Today, I present you some of 20's fashion. As you all know, they were marked by the appearence of the famous flapper dresses, which revealed only the knee..The fact is that the feminity that decade was suppressed, as the bust, the waist and the shoulders were completely disappeared and as a result the woman's style became more severe and mannish. Also, the haircut in fashion was shorter and the more boyish silhouettes. What is more, that decade appeared the fashion designer Gabrielle Coco Chanel, who promoted mostly the neutral tones, flapper dresses and of course the famous little black dress. One more characteristic of that decade's fashion is the cloche hats. They could only fit on a head with straight and short hair, which were too fashionable. In the outerwear dominated the long and fur collared wrapover coats. Finally, the shoes were more carefully selected since with these short dresses the shoes could be seen. They were mostly heels and strapped, known as Mary Janes. So, this is briefly how the fashion was back in the 20s... Would you adopt one of these fashion trends?? 


  1. 20s and 50s were the golden age of fashion, in my opinion.

  2. this is so true! that time was when all th great things in fashion happened!

  3. Mary Janes are most definitely my favorite kind of shoe!!!
    I'm liking your blog more and more

  4. I adore 20s fashion from chanel!!! <3

    XXX London

  5. Recently I saw the Coco Chanel movie, interesting... didn't like the ending. Bam her love dies,and she becomes a famous designer, the end!



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