Trip to York

York will always be a place out of a fairy tale for me. Gardens full of flowers everywhere, little shops with hidden treasures and the castle, are a few of the things that make me feel like a child every time I visit it.

The last time I've been there was with a friend and it was a pleasure to rediscover York with her. We arrived early so we went straight for brunch at a local coffee place. We had vegan sandwiches and coffee, and since it started raining it felt so cosy waiting inside with a cup of cappuccino watching the rain streaming on the windows.

After the rain stopped, we visited some shops, including the famous Harry Potter one! We had to wait for a while before we went in since the queue was super long but by the time we walked in, it felt like walking into a shop in Diagon Alley. Brooms, wands and Horcruxes filled the place and made me fall in love with the place.

Since we had some time before we left, we went for a classic British afternoon tea, where we had Victoria sponge cake, scones with raspberry jam and cream and tea with a splash of milk. Everything was delicious and my friend liked it so much that we promised to come back as soon as possible.

On our way back home in Leeds, we kept talking about how everything felt almost magical in our short trip like we jumped into the rabbit hole and landed to a fairytale land far far away from ours.


  1. looking at your photos makes me want to have some afternoon tea soon. xoxo


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