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The Anatomicals Beauty Routine

Hello there! A few days ago the lovely people from Anatomicals sent me a package with some of their products. I was excited to receive their stuff and try them out, as I've tried already their cherry lip balm and it was great, from the yummy smell to the amazing results, even since the first time I put it on!
The first thing I tried was the Dry Relief Balm. It is (still) so cold that often my skin feels dry and in need of moisturising. I've tried many products but nothing was as helpful. The balm soothes the dry or irritated skin after just one use and it can be used during the summer as well, as it relieves sunburns and rashes. It is made from all-natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, Vitamin E and Tiare flower oil that is sure to help you all year long.
I know that you're thinking "meh, that's another regular hand wash, what's exciting about that?". But let me assure you, this Watermelon and Cucumber Hand Wash smells like summer by the beach. What …

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