London Trip

London is one of the places that I've been to and where time never seems enough. I travelled there a while ago and I still find pics that I took there and didn't have the chance to post yet. 

It's true that I spent most of my time there visiting museums and art galleries but I also tried to go to places that I've heard so much about but didn't have the chance to go before. So, to take things from the beginning, I went to the British Museum. It was a must-see for me since you can find out more about different civilisations, from Greek to Egyptian and Italian, as well as classic paintings and sculptures that shaped the modern European culture.

Another thing that I simply had to see was the Warner Bros studio in London. Even if it's a bit far away from the city centre with the subway, when I arrived there I was so excited that I could barely contain myself. You can see everything Harry Potter from up close and witness how technology combined with the imagination of the creators could build something truly magical. The tour would not be complete without a sip (or two) of butterbeer and a chocolate frog that you can find at the gift shop. 

Tate Gallery and the V&A Museum were two of my favourite places in London and I loved wandering around the huge buildings taking pictures and seeing all those beautiful pieces of art up close. My friends were also interested in the London Science Museum and the Sea Life Aquarium, and even if I wasn't so keen on visiting, they were very interesting. I was mostly impressed by watching sharks swimming right next to me and the uniform that the first astronauts were wearing. 

A trip to London would not be complete without visiting Big Ben. It might have been under repair when we visited it, but it was still impressive, particularly during the night. It felt as if it was floating on the Thames, sparkling among the city lights magnificent, blended in the British scenery.



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