I have recently started reading a book called "The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living" by Meik Wiking and I now get why everyone was so obsessed with everything hygge. 

As I am reading the book, I am trying to recall all those times that I feel the happiest and I can't help but realise that they are those moments that I remember the most and that create that special bond that I have with my friends. From a road trip to some alone time in your own bedroom hygge can take many forms and it is important to embrace it in any occasion. 

The past few months have passed by really quickly and therefore I find it essential to spend some time taking it a bit slow, during the day or the week. It doesn't have to be something extravagant or expensive, since hygge lies in the simplest and purest things in life, as looking at the sunset while your phone is switched off or having a hearty breakfast with a friend.

Since sometimes we forget the happy moments of our lives or even ignore them when we are stressed or tired, I have gathered the cosiest and most joyful times of the last few months hoping they would inspire us to remember them and create our own window to happiness in every chance.

Spending a Sunday morning under the duvet drinking your favourite tea and munching sweet treats- it's the weekend after all

Snuggling at your local coffee shop with a hot cup of coffee and a blanket watching the world going by

In the springtime, it's a great opportunity to organise a picnic and catch some sun with your friends

On a sunny day, I love to grab a book and a snack and head over to the beach or a park nearby to soak up some sun

When it rains, why not light up a candle and enjoy the peaceful sound of rain on your window?

I love how peaceful the city is during the night, so I put on some jazz, grab a glass of wine and unwind after a long day

The best part of a trip is sitting back with drinks and snacks and look at the scenery change out of your window

Having an easy to cook and hearty breakfast with friends or family is a great start to the day, especially on the weekend

I absolutely love vintage bookshops, and if I can spend more time in there drinking coffee in an armchair browsing through books is a definite plus for me

For hygge to go, you can pack up a latte and muffins (I prefer blueberry), and grab a bite whenever you want some time off

Even when you work or study you can have a great time. Just light up a candle and grab a few snacks. Time will just fly by

On a cold day or when you feel sick, the best thing to do is cook a hot soup and have it with some tea. Of course, you can take in as well, but the warming smell of the vegetable boiling will make you feel even better

Hygge is all about treating yourself every once in a while. An afternoon tea with scones and cake with your friends is all it takes for an easygoing and cosy day

Even the littlest things can be hyggelig, a personal favourite is cosying up with a blanket in the backseat on a road trip with friends while it rains

Last but not least, watching the sunset. There is something calming at relaxing at the rooftop with some music after work


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