Let It Snow

What a better place to spend your vacation than the snowy countryside of Italy? During the Christmas break (sorry for the late update) I visited a friend of mine at the Alpes and spent New Year's at the beautiful little town of Castelrotto. 
Since the first day it was snowing and I was so excited to see so much snow, since in Greece it rarely snows let alone so much. The days passed really quickly, with hiking on the mountains, visiting nearby towns and drinking wine. I had the chance to taste some of the local delicacies, such as apple "knodel" and speckknodel and of course sled in the snowy mountaintops. 
On New Year's there was a big party in the centre of the village with all-time favorite songs, mulled wine and fireworks, that trasformed the night into a magical experience!
The white scenery with trees covered with snow and the clear blue sky was a sight for sore eyes that reminded me of fairytales that I loved since I was a child. 


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