Victorian Christmas at the Harewood House

Hello there!
The festive time is officially upon us and what a better place to enjoy Christmas than the Harewood House in Leeds that is decorated in Victorian style to pay tribute to the traditions of the past. The house is coming to life, transporting the visitors to a different era, where the royals used to have lavish dinners, present giving and playing board games. Each room has a different tree, decorated with beautiful bulbs and lights that were mesmerizing to watch. 
When visiting the house you can even have a bite (or two) from the delicious cakes and cookies at the cafe or wander around the gardens, if it's not too cold. When I went, there were deer around the garden under the winter sun with little kids running around them. Remember, though, that the last bus to the main gate is at around 15:30 so make sure to plan ahead, if you want a ride back to the entrance.
Additional to your visit, you can take part in a variety of activities that are offered throughout the festive time, from Twilight Tours to Christmas Wrath Making and Tour about the Toys of the Victorian Era.


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