Hello there!
Visiting Knaresborough was something that I wanted to do for a long time, but never really managed to. So when I and my friends decided to go, I was pretty excited about it. I've heard so much about it, the medieval streets, the Victorian viaduct and the picturesque cliffs overlooking to River Nidd transform the place into a must-see. I was also amazed by the "Town Windows" public artwork, where the windows of buildings are painted in a unique and realistic way.
We had coffee and sponge cake by the river, enjoyed the sunny day and then went to the town for a walk. You can visit the Kings Tower and the Courthouse Museum as well as a great variety of shops that are located in the Market Place. Last but not least, the Mother Shipton's Cave and Petrifying Well offer a few scares to those you love suspense. 
Either you want a stroll by the river or an exciting experience, in Knaresborough you have lots to do and see!


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