Harewood House: The Gardens

Hello there!
Visiting the gardens of the Harewood House felt like visiting the house where the movie "Atonement" was filmed. A majestic house, gardens that were shaped like a labyrinth and of course the fountains got me reminiscing the film and looking for Briony (check here for reference). Children were running around trying to find the Alice in Wonderland characters while the grown-ups were having picnics, a walk or a drink under the sun. It was the perfect time to visit the gardens, a warm sunny day, to get lost in the picturesque scenery and the romantic surroundings of the house.
But in the Gardens you can discover much more than the beautiful forest and lake that surround the House. There is a variety of exotic birds and species, as well as penguins that are kept in a special building near the House. Follow the Trail into the Gardens and the forest for a scenic walk by the lake and don't forget to look for the sculptures that decorate the entirety of the greenery.


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