Manchester Art Gallery- True Faith

Hello there!
Sorry for not posting for a while, but with my dissertation things have been a bit hectic. Last week I went to the Manchester Art Gallery to see the latest exhibition "True Faith". The True Faith exhibition is until 3 September and is a part of Manchester International Festival, that features a variety of artistic events throughout the summer. To be honest, the thing that caught my eye is the fact that the exhibition is dedicated to my all-time favourite band, New Order. But the Art Gallery is not just that. There was also an exhibition of photographs taken in the UK in the 60s, one about the Edwardians with oil paintings and portraits and last but not least an exhibition featuring the art works of Jai Redman. 
I went on a Saturday and it was full of tourists, families and students that all came to channel their inner artist. As the admission is free and there is also a cafe in the garden outside the gallery, it is a great opportunity to browse through the artwork and have a coffee in the sun.


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