Hello there!
Since summer and the sunny days are here to stay I went with my friends to Scarborough, which is a little town so close to Leeds that it's ideal if you want to get away from the city for a while. So we packed our sandals, beach towels and sunscreen and headed to the sea. 
When we got there, we were welcomed by the calming sound of the waves and the laughter of children who were playing by the sea. We took a walk on the sand and I managed (since the sea was still cold) to wet my feet a bit in the water. It was really refreshing and we stayed there, taking pictures and sunbathing for a while. After lunch, we climbed to the castle to admire the view. Indeed from there, you could see the whole town and the sea. I started feeling a bit nostalgic since it reminded me of home but the sun and the carefree vibe of the town cheered me up again. 
We wandered around, got vanilla ice-creams and enjoyed the last rays of sun before taking the train back home. 


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