The Beatles Story

Hello there!
Being a huge Beatles fan since I was 10, I couldn't help but visit The Beatles Story when I went to Liverpool. The exhibition is located in the centre of Liverpool and it's one of the most touristic sites in the city. You might have to wait a while to get inside but once you get in, it feels like you've been transported to another era. It's not an ordinary exhibition since you can learn more about The Beatles history by actually participating in it. You can see the place where they had their first gig, listen to their most popular songs and even see the instruments that they used from up close. My favourite part of the museum was the Yellow Submarine, where you entered a place that felt like it was below the water, and you could see actual fish from its windows. 
It took me about two hours to see the whole thing and in the end, I was a bit emotional as you could see how each member of The Beatles took his own path. Especially about John Lennon, they had a replica of the famous white living room where the video for the song "Imagine" was shot. 
Liverpool is the capital of The Beatles and if you find yourself there be sure to visit The Beatles Story and go for a drink to The Cavern, where the band had its first appearance. 


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