A Day At the Whitby Beach

Hello there!
As soon the weather is nice I like to go to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and the smell of the sea, which reminds me of home. Little did I know that was started as a day with a nice weather would end up being so rainy and windy that we couldn't even sit outside.
Even if it was windy and (really) cold, the scenery was amazing and the smell of the sea reminded me of my place back in Greece. We walked on the beach and we sat there a bit watching the waves, the children playing with their dogs and thinking about what the next few months will bring us.
The truth is that in a couple of months we finish our studies and we will have to go back home or start a job abroad. I'm excited for this new period and the beginning of my "adult" life, but I can't help but feel a bit sad about all of that being finished. As you can remember from a previous post I've been quite anxious about this year. It was my first time abroad for so long- late, I know- and I was worried about every little thing. But thankfully, everything turned out to be fine. I'm grateful for it and although I knew it wouldn't last forever, I get a bit emotional every time that we do things like that because it feels like the end.
Aside from my depressing thoughts, I loved the city, as it was cute with a vintage charm. Little shops with old toys and ice-cream made me feel like a kid in the 50s. We had lunch on a hill next to the Whitby Abbey (the place from which Bram Stoker inspired to write "The Dracula") and we took the way back home. 
I fell asleep in the car and just enjoyed the warmth of the car and the sun in my face as we were returning to Leeds with sandy shoes and a nostalgic mood. 


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