The Temple

Hey there!
The past few times that I've gone to Manchester, on my way to a friend's place I was hearing jazz coming from somewhere downstairs. When I found out where it came from, I knew that I should go at some point. So I found myself in The Temple, a (really) small but charming bar in the city centre which used to be public toilets. 
As I and my friend walked downstairs, it reminded me of some speakeasy bar in the 1950s, where you could listen to jazz and drink until the first rays of sunlight came out. We sat next to the bar and since it was a Sunday, we had the whole place to ourselves. Something that is quite difficult, as it is pretty crowded, usually. The Temple has a great variety of foreign bottled beers if you are into beer and you can ask the bartenders to make you a fancy and different cocktail. 
But the thing that I loved the most about the place was the jukebox. It is placed in the centre of the place, and people could choose their favourite vinyl or band and play the songs. The vinyl gave a different, vintage tone in the place and made it feel as Rolling Stones or The Beatles were actually playing live at the bar. And of course, when you go there you have to visit the bathrooms as well. They are unisex and on the walls, there are many thoughtful or funny quotes that you can spend lots of time reading- trust me I tried. 
I really liked the place, as it had an alternative rock touch with jazz elements and a grunge decoration that makes it easy to be a meeting place for the weekend, or even better during the week when it's not as crowded.


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