The Temple Bar

Hello there!
Being in Dublin could only mean one thing for a coffee lover. Irish coffee. You know it, you (probably) tasted it already but once in Dublin, you have to taste the local one. So, I went with my friends to the famous "The Temple Bar" which is located in the city centre. The Temple Bar is known since 1599, when Sir William Temple, a famous teacher and philosopher joined the service of the Lord Deputy of Ireland. In 1609 Temple was made Provost of Trinity College, Dublin and Master Chancery in Ireland and moved to his country. Sir William Temple built his house and gardens on newly land on the corner of Temple Lane and the street called Temple Bar. 
There, you can have a pint, a bite or a cup of the most delicious coffee ever. I wanted to have a sip- or two- of Irish coffee since day 1 so, on our last day, I thought that it was now or never. It is made of hot coffee, brown sugar, Irish whisky (obviously) and whipped cream. It tasted a bit strong, especially in the end, but I liked it a lot! The weather outside was cold and windy so it was perfect to have a hot cup of coffee and a nice place to stay for a while. The drink, the atmosphere and the live music made the whole experience one of a kind. 
Everybody was happy, a bit drunk, singing and wearing hats with the famous four-leaf clover, that you felt drifting into this festive mood. It was a cosy bar that still reminded the place that outstanding people as Sir William Temple and James Joyce lived.


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