The Teddy Bear Tea Rooms

Hello there!
What could be cuter than a teddy bear tea room? That's what I had in mind when I visited that one in York a couple of days ago. It's a small place that has a beautiful display of teddy bears on the window, that invites you inside. As you walk in, you feel as if you are transported to a dreamy place full of stuffed animals and dolls. Teddy bears of all sizes are all around the store cosying up the place. 
We went upstairs to a little attic that it was turned into a tea room. There, next to the fireplace we had our tea, served with homemade hot scones, jam and fresh cream. The warmth of the tea and the cosy little place made me feel nostalgic of my room and when I was little and used to pretend to have tea parties with my friends. Even the decoration had elements of Alice in Wonderland, such as the rabbit or the "Eat Me" signs. 
In general, York felt like it came directly out of a storybook, but "The Teddy Bear Tea Rooms" was by far the most charming place, where you felt like a little kid in a place of fairytales and dreams.


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