What happens when you get out of your comfort zone?

Risk taking. That's something I'm genuinely not good at. I like safety and I like being always prepared for the next step. An example of this is my bag which literary is my whole life. In there I have everything I might need in a regular day and a few not so ordinary stuff (for example a lighter even if I don't smoke).

You might say I'm a control freak and that would be absolutely true. It means that before taking any decision I think every possible scenario (and ending up being anxious about everything).
So, what do you do if you find yourself in front of a situation that is out of your control? What I would like to say is that you face bravely your fears and try to achieve your goals no matter what. But it's not always that easy at first. In my case, the fear of the unknown comes first and lasts a couple of days until I feel at ease with the new place that I'm in. Here are a few tips that might help you a bit through that tough period.

  1. Just relax. I know it seams pretty obvious but it is essential to take deep breaths and try to clear your head from any dark thoughts.
  2. Eat and drink properly. When you get anxious it's easy to lose your appetite, but you must overcome that feeling and try to eat every 3 hours and drink even a bit of water regularly.
  3. Wear your most comfortable clothes. There's no point in putting on your skinny jeans when you feel like wearing your pyjamas all day. Try, for example, wearing tights or a hoodie.
  4. Fresh air. Standing near a window or a balcony always helps me, since the cool breeze helps me relax.
  5. Listen to some peaceful and relaxing music. There are plenty of websites available but my favorite is calm.com where you can choose among a few nature sounds or even meditate. Also, you can download an app with relaxing sounds to help you, such as Relax Melodies.
  6. Talk to someone. Feeling at ease might be difficult from time to time, especially if you find yourself abroad. The best thing to do is talk to your friends, parents or loved ones about what you are feeling. There is nothing more comforting than hearing encouraging words from the people you love and care about.
  7. Watch a movie or YouTube videos. It distracts you a bit from your thoughts and helps you relax more easily. What I prefer is a Disney movie or The Michalaks who, with their silkies and beautiful shots, remind me that true beauty lies in the simple, everyday things.
I really hope that my tips might help you a bit when you feel anxious. Although, bear in mind that since I'm not an expert these are just tips that help me and probably help you too if you ever feel anxious. However, if this problem continues you might need to talk to a doctor who will be able to give you more professional advice.


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