Flying Away: A short story about my traveling fears

Hello there!
In a couple of weeks I’m moving away from my hometown (Athens) to follow my dream of becoming a trainee journalist. I’ve had a LOT of time to make the necessary plans and I think even if it’s a good idea, right now sitting in my little room in my parents' hourse with only a few weeks left I’m a little nervous about it.
I mean I know it’s a great opportunity for me, to chase my dreams and try something new (like living in a foreign country, traveling and stuff) but to be honest living it from the inside doesn’t feel exactly like that. I know a lot of people who get excited with the idea of moving out, going places and meeting new people but in my case it’s a little more different. Don’t get me wrong, deep down I like doing all these things but the first thing I feel when I think about it is a knot in my stomach and the all too familiar feeling of anxiety.
Traveling looks amazing in films, vlogs and documentaries. However, being and staying in a foreign place no matter how great it is it’s always a challenge for me as sometimes I get physically sick. It’s not a nice thing to see or feel but I just can’t get over it. Generally, being with a friend helps me a little since I know there’s someone else in the room, but I know that’s something that I need to sort out by myself.
The past few days I have been watching so many vlogs from the UK and it really looks amazing. Even I got a bit excited to go, but there’s this tiny voice inside me (my kind of Gollum) that says things like: What if you won’t be able to make friends? What if you can’t fit in? What if you get sick again? All these what ifs haunt me the past few days (and nights) and even if my friends and parents are supporting, reassuring me that everything is going to be alright my mind just can’t stay still.
So when I saw the Secret Life of Walter Mitty today I completely identified with Walter because he was a "strong little man" who wasn’t aware of the power that lied inside him. The fact that he was able to travel abroad and do all these incredible things simply by following leads and without any planing at first seemed a little stressful to me but as I kept watching I was kind of jealous of him! The fact that he got to fulfill his dreams and travel and meet new people on the way (for those who have seen the movie I LOVED Todd from eHarmony) made me realize that I want those things too.
Sure it’s going to be tricky at first and (just like Walter) you have to leave your old scared self behind, but I believe that this whole experience is going to push you forward and help you become the person that you want to be. Aside from the fears and what ifs and the anxiety that a change might bring, even if it doesn’t work out, I think that moving forward, outside your comfort zone, is going to make you stronger and happy with yourself because at least you tried.

So with that happy and optimistic thought I sign off guys. Sorry for all the rumbling but I had to share with you my thoughts and fears, I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Ooohhh congratulations honey.
    Speaking from experience, yes you will be able to make at least one friend don't worry.
    I'm originally from Portugal but I lived outside of Portugal 4th times. Technically I'm on my forth time in London.
    There will defo be ups and downs such as life is but for the most part it should be great, minus the weather we can't do anything about that haha.
    Big cities can be "toxic" so never forget who you are! :)
    Best of Luck
    Karen U.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! It's true that everything can't be perfect but let's hope for the best!
      It's so nice to hear that all worked out well for you!
      Kisses!! :)

  2. Ohhh I love this movie! It motivates you to try things and not give up! I'm sure that you are gonna be just fine! The first days it may be hard but i believe that after the first month you will feel great! And for the homesick days, watch some of Walter Mitty! It will make you feel happy and full of power and dreams!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!! It's a bit overwhelming but let's hope for the best! The movie will definitely help! hahah


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