Garden Tea Party

Hello there!
Yesterday I had a tea party in the garden with some friends of mine and I took the opportunity to (finally) use every girly cutlery I owned. We enjoyed the sun, some sweet treats and of course the company of my cat!🐱
In the garden, the flowers were blossomed and the whole area smelled of rose and jasmine! My cat kept us company while secretly hoping of some petting (or food)! 😆

At first I was pretty anxious, since I've never had a tea party before (pathetic I know), but with the help of my brother we managed to do a pretty decent job. I used my Snoopy picnic bag that I bought from ZARA a couple of years ago. 

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to bake. Instead we had Smarties chocolate cookies, HARIBO, coffee and sparkling water with lemon. They were all delicious but I especially liked the chocolate cookies with my coffee.

The past few days were a bit difficult for me, with PMS and exams so it's been a great opportunity to make a step back and take a moment to relax with my friends. It's easy to get carried away with your job or studies but you have to remember to find time to just do nothing..or at least a tea party with your friends! Note to self...😝


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