When in doubt wear red..shoes!

Hello there!
It's been around two years now that I have an obsession for red shoes! I think that some of you might call it post-Dorothy (as Wizard of Oz Dorothy Gale) syndrome. After I've seen these amazing red sparkly shoes I knew that we were meant to be. 
Now, two years later I still haven't found the perfect red shoes for me. However, I've decided to offer a tribute to my favorite shoes by writing about some styling tips.

First of all, I would like to admit that buying and wearing red shoes is a huge commitment, as it's a bit tricky to style and a bit trickier to wear them in a daily basis. But if you are obsessed with them as much as I am, I think that you will stand up to the challenge!

So, the easiest way to put on your red shoes (and start the blues as my dear David Bowie would say) is with a white shirt/t-shirt and jeans. Ideal if you want a glam twist in your everyday look.


Total red! And if I may ask: Why not? Especially this year that a lot of designers chose total red outfits for this season's collections.


Also, you can pair up your red shoes with other red accessories, clothes or small details of your outfit. For example, with a red bag (also a personal favorite) but also with plaid, which will make your outfit more balanced.


You can wear them with a total black outfit. For a more dramatic night out look you can wear it with a laced black dress or with leather pants. As for a professional-edgy everyday outfit you can combine your red shoes with a black jumpsuit.


If you want to add a little edge at your elegant and mother-approved nude, gray or white outfit you can try combining it with your red shoes. This red touch is not only a pop of color in your outfit but also an unexpected detail which will capture everyone's attention.

Last but not least is the classic combination of red an
animal print. For example, you can wear your red shoes with leopard print skirt, shoes or bag to blend the edgy with the classy.

However, let's face it..we will never be as stylish as this little one :P



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