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Hello there!!
A few days ago my friend got a call from Coca-Cola Greece saying that he won a trip to Milan to see the MTV EMA 2015. When we decided to go together I was so excited because every year I watch the awards on my TV and it was a dream of mine to watch the show live one day.
So on Saturday packed our suitcases and flew to Milan with the other winners and two representatives of Coca-Cola. A taxi was waiting for us and drove us to our hotel, which was in the city center. As our room was not ready yet, we decided to walk around town and shop a bit.
I was amazed with the architecture, which combined Roman and contemporary pieces, and the street style. Everyone was dressed in vogue and I thought it was a great opportunity to pump my personal style a bit. Aside from some shops we also visited the famous Duomo cathedral and La Scala which is a must-see when in Milan.
Later in the evening we met up with a friend who lives in Milan and who was our tour guide for the day. We went to a cozy little restaurant in Brera, called "Siciliano". There, we had homemade pasta sicilian style! It was delicious and the atmosphere reminded me of the classic Lady and the Tramp scene in the pizzeria.The next day we wandered around in the town, we visited the Sforzesco Castle and the Church of Santa Maria Presso San Satiro. In the evening we went to the Pre Party and then the Awards. It was an amazing experience and you can see the photos I took at the MTV EMA 2015 post later.
Before even we realized it was our last day in Milan. 
So in the morning we took a walk in the city center, bought some souvenirs for friends and family and headed to the airport. Overall, I liked Milan and I admired not only its history and classic culture but also its modern side expressed by artists and fashionistas.
I hope you enjoy the pics I took!


  1. καταρχήν δεν θα δείξω ζήλια που κέρδισες τα εισητήρια. οχι οχι είμαι ανώτερη. εβγαλες πολυ ομορφες φωτογραφίες που με έκαναν να ζηλεψω λίγο παραπάνω.


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