Yesterday my friend and I decided to ditch our yoga session for some catching up at BubbleTale. It's a new shop in Nea Smirni. As soon as you get in, you smell the freshly brewed coffee and the candied chocolate. Their specialty is flavored iced tea with juicy bubbles of your choice. The options are numerous but my favorite combination is strawberry tea with grape juice bubbles. You can also enjoy the delicious hot chocolate covered with marshmallows and sprinkles! 
I craved the packed pop corn since it's not only my favorite snack EVER but it was also covered in sugar or chocolate/ strawberry syrup. But I decided to stick to my double cappuccino with brown sugar (damn you diet). This decision was even harder after I saw the chocolate filled donuts, the sprinkled cupcakes and the colorful lollipops.
Then we sat upstairs to enjoy our coffees by the balcony. Usually it's very crowded but yesterday it was lovely with just a few girls doing their homework over lattes and little kids playing with their marshmallows.
I love this shop as it reminds me of the room I used to have as a child, colorful and with starry wallpapers.
Hope you like the pics I took!


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