My Life Recently..

Hello there!!
Once more a few things happened the past....few months and I couldn't find the time to blog. I believe that by now it has become a habit to get a bit lost!
Well, since now I finally have the time, I will post some pics that I hope resume my news!!

I started listening to Taylor Swift, like a lot!! Compared of course with the sweetest book EVER!!

Won in an H&M contest a beautiful silk scarf from the Isabel Marant collection! LOOOVE IT!

Because of Christmas (and not only) somehow I ended up with a LOT of sweet... #feelingguilty

A beautiful gingerbread home as a gift to my brother..Actually just trying to be nice for Santa!

I participated at the Teen Vogue contest and won a bag for this photo of "inside my bag"!!!

I became addicted to Zoella ( she's an inspiration!!


My friends know me so well..They got me the 1D perfume for my birthday! SO cute!

FINALLY got my Boohoo gift after participating to the DRESSMAS! ;) far

Have a great time and feel free to follow my Tumblr (aka newest addiction) blog: !!!!!


  1. My Blog these days have been in a bit of a stand by as well. I currently don't even have my own laptop which makes everything hard.


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