Hello there!!
I know that I haven't posted anything for a while, but so many things are going on the past few days and it was a bit difficult to keep up posting.
Actually I've passed my days watching endlessly Gossip Girl, which is so amazing, with all the love stories, the scheming and of course the fashion!!!

Along with the series my best friends these days turned to be my rose scented candle, the homemade cupcakes and a cup of tea...
And recently a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend after a two-year relationship and I guess that this incident made me think. I mean it's so easy to go from happiness to misery that I wonder if we should be concious all the time so as not to be shocked by what the futurre brings. I know that most of you might say that you should just live for the moment but, well, I don't know I find it so awful to just end a relationship like this with a text or something like that..I remembered that episode from Sex and the City and realised that people should  at least have the courage to end things in a more decent way than with a text.

But generally I believe that even if things may sometimes appear tricky or even difficult you mustn't give up and try again. You may not live your fairtale with the first shot but no-one will ever accuse you of not trying, and just sitting waiting for your prince to come. Isn't that the whole point of chasing what you want?? At least that's what I say to myself and to my friends when they're in a bad mood... And at this point I realised that I should probably stop pressing "replay" to the the new song of Adele, "Skyfall" and actually write another, more optimistic post!! :P
See you tomorrow with a new place I discovered!! ;)


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