Once Upon A Time..

Once Upon A Time..

Once Upon A Time.. by estella featuring lip makeup

This is my latest addiction!! It's the tv series "Once Upon A Time", where all our favorite fairy tale heroes have forgotten who really are and became ordinary people, living in a small town called Storybrooke. The leading character is Emma the daughter of Snow White (my personal favorite) who has come to town after her son asked her to help the citizens. The Evil Witch aka the Mayor of the town always impose her rules but Emma and the others try to stop her.
Even if the series often end up in repeating clichés I think it's really romantic and nice, since in the foreground there is always the unfulfilled love and the loneliness that sometimes the characters face due to some unfortunate situations.
As you can see my favorite character is Snow White aka Mary Margaret who is very emotional, romantic and sweet but she can't be with her Prince Charming since he is (in real life) married with someone else. However I hope that in the end they will be able to be together 'cause they're just sooo cute together!!
I also really like her style which is simple and gorgeous since it's based on pastels and florals. She usually wears cardigans, dresses, ballerinas and when it's cold, coats and booties.
So, have you seen this show? Who is your favorite character??
Hope you like my set... xoxo


  1. i havent seen it ..but i think i ll download it i love romance movies etc this is such a sweet collage!!!

  2. i havent even heard of this show im totally going to check it out , like now !!

  3. That sounds so cute! I'll definitely have to check the show out!


  4. I heard about this new serie :) I love the pink cardigan <3

  5. Never heard of it but it mush be great!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. great post, love the collage! :)

  7. Awesome set, I love it!


  8. yes of course we could follow each other:)
    Just let me know when follow me so I will follow you back sweetie:)


  9. I love once upon a time too!!! My favorite character is certainly emma swan. I haven't finished watching the series. I wish mary margaret and prince charming are getting back together ;) come and check out my blog maybe we can follow each other :) http://marschristie.blogspot.com/


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