A really weird day...

Yesterday it was a very weird day for me since when I woke up I saw a post on Facebook by that guy that I like and I was really really sad and angry!! So, I hurried to a friend's house where we had breakfast and had also the time to discuss that awful post!! 

Later, we decided to go back to our homes and meet again later. As I was returning home I found a homeless kitty, which I carried in my hands for about 15 minutes to my house.. It was a pity that a lady started talking to me about how many people poison the cats in order to get rid of them..


So, here's the kitty that I "adopted"! I know it seems  little dirty and sick but I hope that soon it will be just fine!! After all I believe that it needs is some care..!!

 Much later I met my friend and we went for a walk at the Centre of Athens, where we had frozen yogurt and took some amazing pics!! 

So, that's all that happened yesterday! How was your weekend and your day??
Keep in ouch, darlings!!
BB :)


  1. i have a good time on weekend with my kids:)


  2. I love reading your diary like blog !! :) Im so glad you adopted the kitten ,i have such a weakness for them , i always give them some sort of food or water. They say you should place a bowl outside of your house with water so any passing pets can drink as they get thirsty like us humans !! Lovely photos xo

  3. μπράβο που πήρες το γατάκι!
    θα θελα να δω πως θα ναι οταν μεγαλωσει λιγο!!
    ωραιο post!!


  4. aww thats sooo sweet of youu that you takee care of that kitty :)

  5. thanks for the comment!


  6. Thanks so much for popping by- would love to follow each other, following you now : )



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