A Fresh..Fashion Trend!

Good morning, my wonderful readers! How are you today? Any plans for the weekend? Yesterday I went out with some friends to a great place, but I hadn't brought my camera, so I don't have any photos..What a pity!
So today I'm going to propose you a fashion trend inspired by this week's theme. This season it's all about eccentricity and how we can express ourselves in a more personal way. Here are some pics of the fall collections..


 What do you think? Would you adopt any of these trends? Let me know what you think..


  1. hi dear! ur posts are always so intresting! can't wait to read more! kisses!!

  2. I think eccentric means something different to every person. maybe something bold but subtle as eccentric for me might not do it for others. its so subjective, you know. but great looks nonetheless, prada is phenomenal and I'm liking the preppy one too.

  3. The second picture is my favourite look: I love peas tights


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