Starry Week..!!

Hello my lovely readers!!
How are you today? How was your weekend?? I'm in a perfect mood today since last night was simply amazing! I went out to drinks in a very cult and unique place at Gazi and had a wonderful night!!!!!! :) <3
So, this week it's all about the stars! I love watching the starry sky since I can dram, imagine and relax. Also, my name in latin means "star" so I'm really connected with them!!
Today as usually I'm going to propose a song inspired by the stars and today I chose a classic one which I love..
Hope you like it too!!


  1. Thank you! Feel free to follow me, would be great! :)
    unfortunately I can't listen to the song in my country :(


  2. I love this post and your blog so much.)) You have a talant *-)

    I need your help...
    A few days ago I got my Ipad. Do you have Ipad? What programs do advise to download?

  3. i am happy about every follower ;) thank you


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