Starry Film..!!

Hello once again!! Today, as I promised I'm going to propose you an amazing movie inspired by the stars and the universe in general. So, this movie is Wall-E!!
Even if this is a children's movie I loved it so much since it had an amazing soundtrack and script! Here's the trailer.
It's a 2008 film, directed by Andrew Stanton. The storyline is that in the future a small waste collecting robot whichmeets another robot and they leave together for a space adventure that will change the fate of the people and of the Earth too.
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It has won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature movie and I think that it worths it because it teaches the kids and all of us to be loyal and protect our beliefs no matter what the cost is.
So, have you seen this film? What do you think of it?
See you tomorrow, darlings! BB


  1. ειναι πολυ γλυκο...!!!evaaa!!!!

  2. I saw that movie in the cinema, I while back. I was cute and funny.


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