Help!! Swet Recipe Wanted!!!


Goodmorning my amazing readers!!
Today I was supposed to propose you a sweet recipe inspired by the 50s. However, I had a litlle problem with my internet connection and I can't find any related recipes.. Can you tell me any sweet recipes that you liked and I will to cook the one that suits the occasion best..
Thanks for your help!!


  1. Following you now :) I love this photo, makes me dribble Haha That sponge cake in the top left corner looks nice ^^ Emilie xx

  2. I'm afraid I can't be of any help... I really don't know how to bake ;) Good luck!

    Happy Friday!

    Fashion Fractions

  3. the photo is making me hungry! i love madeleines but i don't know how to make them :( you have a lovely blog! i am now following and would love if you followed back :)))

  4. thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I am hosting my first giveaway,check it out if you like :)

  5. so yummmmm! I'm craving sweeets so much right now! but I'm not much of a baker and can't really help in that department.

  6. Those photos make me hungry! I love strawberry shortcake so the picture on the top righthand corner makes my stomach gurgle!

    Come check out my food blog for delicious recipes and great photos...and maybe follow? I will really appreciate it!

  7. I would love the recipe for Devil's Food cupcakes and white frosting. I used to eat them in the 60s and 70s when I lived in New York, so delicious! I'm following you from Rome. I have lots of Italian and Japanese food on my blog...come on over!


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