50s Style..

Goodmorning, my lovely readers!! How are you? I feel amazing since today it's a windy and a bit cold day and I can finally go shopping and for coffee with my BF!!
Today I'm going to propose you outfits inspired by this week's theme, "The 50s"!! This season I liked very much the BottegaVeneta collection which had the 50s style. The clothes this season are much more easy to wear since they are not so theatrical as the previous one. This time you can dress up like women of this decade in an everyday basis just by choosing a red lipstick, a pencil skirt and a messy chignon. I also love this collection because it is inspired by the "Mad Men" style but it's not an absolute copy of it and therefore it allows us to combine the 50s style with our own personality. As a result, we are not transformed into something we are not but it's still us with a more classic style.

Let me know if you would you adopt this trend..


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