Hello once again my lovely readers!
I have a question for you today. Don't you just hate it when someone arrives in your completely quiet and organised life, makes you a mess and then when you begin to fall in love he (or she) just leaves? Without any notice or guilt. I mean, if you didn't like me first place why did you even start something with many many comments and attention and stuff like that??? Why don't you just let me go on with my life without having to wonder what did I do wrong??
It's just so unfair to see someone trying so hard to win your attention and perhaps something more than that and at the end the only thing that you gain is to see him (or her) leave with someone else. I know that things like that need quick reactions otherwise you find yourself in a dead-end, but don't you need some time to figure out what are your feelings about the other guy? I understand that someone who can't wait for you doesn't deserve you but it's painful whether you understand it or not.

This song totally represents how I feel now. It's from the movie "Les Amours Imaginaires" de Xavier Nolan and it's about how sometimes we fall in love and generally have feelings about someone that lead us nowhere and most of the times destroy our relationship with our friends and family.
Let me know what do you think of all these..


  1. Ugh, I totally hate that. I hope you start feeling better. Heartache is rough!!

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  2. Love this . I hope u had an amazing weekend. Stop by to see pictures from my weekend in Beverly hills. Xoxo

  3. I like the version of bang bang by Dalida but I prefer the original.


  4. I'm sorry you feel this way! but the things will get better! they always do :)


    Fashion Fractions

  5. You have to prepare that it will happen again :( Unfortunately.. That's how life works most of the time.. *hugs*

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  7. been there done that.dear just forget about him and move on.everything is a matter of our mind!don't worry about it.

  8. thank you all for your sweet comments and for your support because I really need it right now..!

  9. I completely understand what you're going through - I went through a similar situation in May. All I can offer to you is don't over-think the situation and try to distract yourself with positive activities (friends, family, working out, etc.). Hope things work out alright, even if it feels like they won't right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xx from Montreal,


  10. I hope everything get better !

  11. Been thinking about the same thing lately.. Just found your blog, must say it really is great! x Nell

  12. Hi!!I like your blog so much, in love with this song!
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  13. I love your blog :D
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  14. heyy <3 im not suree if i already answered your question! ;p so i'll answer it (maybee agaain? ;p sorryy ;p) :). im following youu yess we can follow each other if youu like :) lovee your blog! havee a great week girliee! im going to sleep soon haha so sweet dreaams! X

  15. I know what you mean, sometimes it's an instant connection, sometimes it takes a while for them to grow on you

  16. poly asximo alla distixos simvenei sixna! tha to kseperasis me ton kairo! an kapoios den su simperiferete sosta den aksizei ton xrono sou!xx

  17. That must be a horrible feeling! I hate it when they leave you just when you started to feel something and you're trying so hard to get his attention. Hope you are feeling better soon xxx big hug

  18. hey nice song....i've a surprise for you in my blog....

  19. Gosh, been there know how it feels. BUT you will be ok and much stronger! Beside you never know whta goodness tomorrow brings!
    Sending you hugs and sunshine koukla!

  20. Oh, so cute blog! I'd love to show you mine... I follow you, if you want follow me!

  21. Oh. I understand you.. : / it's unfair.

    I love this song and this film also ! I watched it hundred times! ;)

    Kisses.( and i wish you will better in some time) ;]

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