Glitter Fashion..

Hello! How are you?? Today we're going to talk about glitter fashion. And what is more glittery and sparkling than Dior's collection for Fall 2011. This one was designed by Bill Gaytten, who was the first after Galliano to get the reins of Dior. There are those who loved the show, saying that it was filled with dreams and imagination and those who believed that the only purpose of this collection was to impress without having anything new to say. To be honest, I loved the show and the collection since I found it very inspiring and imaginative. Especially the dress with the moon which was gorgeous!!
Many of the clothes of this collection are..

The amazing shoes...!!           

And the makeup trends..!!        

So, what do you think of the collection??
Have a sparkly day!!


  1. Amazing shoes! the whole collection looks like fairytale! Could you follow me on blogloving honey if you like my blog? :):)

  2. THE SHOES! THE SHOES! THE SHOES! Oh my god they are funny! :D
    Thanks for sharing this stuff!

  3. I love the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those are some Crazy heels!
    Thanks for the comment and visit. You must try sushi atleast once in your life, it's so good ^^.


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