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Hello my wonderful readers!! The last few days I've been thinking about the antiquity and the ideas that influence people no matter how much time has passed. I mean, some values such as maintening your calm and self-control, living wisely and without doing extreme actions and generally live your life but without causing problems to youself or your friends and family. However, even if nowadays it seems as if these values are by most of the people forgotten I want to believe that deep inside each and everyone of us there is still a spark by these principles that made living better.
So, today as usually I'm going to propose a film that takes place in the ancient times.
The movie I chose is "Gladiator", directed by
Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen. 
Maximus, a Roman general is appreciated by the Emperor and the Roman people. When the Emperor dies he chooses him to be his heir over his son, Commodus, who condemns to death Maximus and his family. He is unabl to save his family and he is so devastated that he is captured and obliged to participate into the Gladiator games until he dies. He is trying to survive in order to punish himself the man who destroyed his family.
From my point of view, this film is a great story with amazing inspiring music and it shows the strength and the will of one man that wants not only to survive but to take revenge for himself and his family no matter how matter what he has to sacrifice.
It's already a classic movie and I strongly recommend it to those who haven't seen it!
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Well, that's all for now! Let me know what do you think about this film..
See you tomorrow with fashion/outfit proposition!
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  1. den exo di:)

  2. I saw this movie on a history class and I was blown away by the epic storyline. It contains all the values you listed with a heartwrenching plot. amazing movie.

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog! Gladiator has to be my favorite movie! I love Russell Crowe's movies and this has to be his best! The music like you said is inspiring! Great post following you! Follow back if you would like!

  4. This film is great, but it's so emotional that I can't bear to watch it again :/


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