The 20s..

Hello!! How are you? I hope that you have an amazing week, because today I'm so very happy! I did well in today's exams and I had a lovely comment from someone who is, well let's say, very important!
So, this week's theme is the 20s!! And before we start this new week let's have a history class. Firstly, this decade was marked by radical changes in technology. More specifically, the first talking movies were released and there was the restriction of morality with the help of the jazz music and of course the Charleston.
This liberating movement also affected the fashion. Women were dressed in a more comfortable way not to reduce their feminity but to express themselves. Men, on the other side, tried to look more youthful.
Well, as part of this week I'm going to propose a song inspired by this decade.
And of course this song is..


Have fun!! See you tomorrow with a movie from the 20s!!


  1. From Chicago, my favorite movie is the one that goes "he had it coming..", you know from the jail scene? Love that one. Love the 20s as well, great post "city" ;)

  2. Great movie!

  3. aw chicago is one of my favourite musicals if not the favourite of all times :) I just followed you! follow me back?

  4. i agree! this movie is probably one of the best musicals ever!! all the songs are unique and fabulous!

  5. I love 20's fashion. Chicago is such a great musical!

    ♥ Gina Michele


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