An Education..

Today, as I promised I propose a movie that is inspired by this week's theme "Bittersweet". I chose this movie because it's about a girl, Jenny who is dedicated to school and doesn't live her life as a teenager. However, this changes when she meets David an older man who is trying to catch her attention. So, as Jenny is falling in love with him she abandones school, hr friends and family to marry him and live together a cosmopolitan life. But it all changes when she finds out the truth about him and she decides to start all over again without him. As a result, by the end of the movie the viewer even if he understands that continue your life is the best thing to do is shocked and bittered by this man's life and character.
 That's all for now, girls!! See you tomorrow with an event proposition. By then have fun!!


  1. Δεν την έχω δει ακόμη την ταινία, αλλά είναι ήδη σημειωμένη στο bucket list (aka ατέλειωτες σημειώσεις στο κιν με ταινίες που θέλω να δω :) ) Σε ευχαριστώ και για το comment γλυκιά μου :*

  2. haha!! katalava..exw kai egw ena tetoio!! prepei na th deis einai paara poly wraia h atimh!


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