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Hello amazing readers!!
At first I would like to thank all of you for  your support and for following my blog!
Today, as you all remember I was supposed to propose an event inspired by this week's theme "Bittersweet". So, I was also supposed to go to the Megaron Athens Concert Hall, where today it was the only performance of the play "The Cherry Orchad" streaming live from the national theatre of London (link here:! As you can understarnd it would be a great opporotunity. Unfortunately, I arrived there by 9 o'clock (when the play was supposed to start) and they refused to let me get in and they told us to wait 1,5hours until the break. Obviously I wasn't going to wait sooo long to watch only half of the show and I left. That's what I was wearing..

But I'm going keep my promise and propose an event..or more! I couldn't choose which one is the best so I leave it to you to see and decide!
  1. This is an event on fashion tips and interior design:                                                                                                   
  2. Here you can get in the summer mood through the paintings of many great artists:                                             
  3. Last but not least I've chosen a very interesting event where you can mark your favorite path in Athens:   
Of course you can combine your visit to these events with a fozen yogurt at "Fro-Yo"! More information here: 

So, that's all for now!! Write me about your visit,ok?


  1. Thank you so much for your comment! I love your bag :D



  2. thanks a lot for your comment :) i love this dress!! follow each other?

  3. Oh my, how unfortunate. Why wouldnt they let you in, should you have gone earlier?
    I want frozen yogurt too, mmmm :)

  4. @ Ilka: thank you so much!
    @ Y: well, i'm not really sure why since the show hasn't started yet. They told us that their manager told them not to let anyone in! You should try frozen yogurt it's PERFECT!!


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